Waffles and Other Foods

Accurate size, shape and color information for randomly oriented, fast moving products.

Other Food Product Vision Inspection

Bench-top, over-line, and in-line 3D and color imaging systems from Montrose are ideal for virtually any discrete food product that require size, shape, and color measurements.  Products of any size and shape may be measured, the data displayed, and report generated.  Montrose has produced systems for a wide range of food applications, such as colorful toaster pastries, sorting of pani puri, identification of components in sealed single serve meal containers, and full trays of candy.

vision inspection of donuts

Machine vision systems have the advantage of:

  • Produce quantitative data that allows producers to create and alter processes to increase efficiency
  • Reduce human error that results from qualitative inspection along with variance between observers
  • Increase safety and hygiene through non-contact measurement

Our products are well established in the food industry, including a wide range of innovations such as bottom color scanning, individual piece rejection, automatic laning/balancing for packaging, box loading, and tray handling.  Every system developed in conjunction with our customers to ensure that the installed solution meets all of the customer’s project requirements.

Each rejection mechanism is application specific and can be adapted to virtually any food.

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